Best Cat Insurance Plans of 2023

Want the best for your Pets? Below are the best pet Insurance companies that will surely provide a better life for your pet. Compare and save on vet expanses today!


Best Cat Insurance
of 2023

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Stories From Our Community

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When I got Ludo at 8 weeks 1 day in December I had already reached out to Lemonade for insurance. They were very timely and thorough with their responses. They sent me info on exactly what kind of physical they needed. All went very smoothly and I was happy. We are retired and long time dog owners. I know it only takes one accident or sickness to cost thousands. Wanting the best for our pup I knew insurance was the most responsible option. We had a one year old pound puppy that came with one month’s insurance- we kept that but I decided to put Ludo on Lemonade. I liked what I read, and it’s true!

Frederick – Lemonade
Atlanta, Georgia
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Fetch has some really fascinating features that attracted me more than the other pet insurance companies. For instance, I could easily find a good vet for my cat without having to worry whether they are approved or not by the pet insurance company. So when my pup started showing respiratory issues I immediately contacted Fetch and also my vet for an emergency. With the right medicines, my little chunks is much better now and the infection is almost gone. Thank you so much Fetch for the insight and guidance.

Glenn Kibbs – Fetch
Dallas, Texas
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One of the best pet insurance companies! I purchased ASPCA pet insurance for my Labrador in 2020 after doing a lot of research and comparing the top pet insurance companies in the market. I read as many reviews as I could on consumer affairs, reddit and other forums before choosing it. The website is refreshingly easy to navigate and allowed me to find the answers to all my questions. Thank you once again for helping us caring our pets better.

Brandon Carlson – ASPCA
Wakefield, Rhode Island