Fetch Review – Best


Fetch Review – Best

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Pet Insurance Reviews Editor


  • Covers exam fees when your pet is ill
  • Coverage includes everything from alternative therapies, behavior therapies, vet-suggested supplements and boarding fees.
  • Get 30% off on premiums with a Healthy Pet Credit
  • No per-condition or lifetime payout limit
  • Covers your pet when they travel in the USA or Canada with you


  • Provides coverage for only dogs and cats
  • Doesn’t offer preventive care plans

About  Fetch

Fetch offers comprehensive insurance and health guidance for cats and dogs. It is the only pet insurance provider recommended by The Dodo, the top animal brand in the world. The provider is trusted by no-kill shelters across the United States and Canada and is also the chosen provider by AARP members.

Fetch Insurance Coverage

Compared to other providers, Fetch has the most comprehensive coverage offered. They do not have restrictions for congenital or hereditary conditions, advanced testing, medications, hospital stay, rehabilitation, and holistic therapies if your pet gets into an accident or becomes sick.

Fetch includes behavioral treatments on all policy coverage. Their annual limits start at $5,000 and go up to unlimited to cover anxiety issues like separation and travel anxiety, house soiling, and noise phobia. Other providers would offer coverage for these conditions through a separate rider or no coverage at all.

Non-routine vet exam fees are also covered by plans, and this includes specialist and emergency veterinarians. Some providers will not cover exam fees, but Fetch including the cost of exams helps pet parents save up to $250 every visit. This is almost equivalent to the required deductible per vet visit if you go to a different provider.

When it comes to dental issues and the treatment of diseases, Fetch still has the most extensive insurance coverage. Their dental policy will protect your pet against several injuries and accidents such as extractions, broken teeth, periodontal disease, advanced dental treatments, and root canal therapy for each tooth (not just the canines as is common with other pet insurance providers.

Medical ConditionsMedical Treatments
AccidentDiagnostic Exams
HereditaryPrescription Medications
ChronicHolistic Care
Accidental DentalAlternative Care
Oral injuries and diseasesHomeopathic Treatments

Finally, if your pet has a pre-existing condition that is curable, they will cover the condition once the 365-day exclusionary period is over. They also cover the majority of bilateral conditions, something other providers are not willing to do.

Coverage Summary

Coverage TypeMedical
Pets CoveredCats & Dogs
Veterinarian SelectionNo restrictions
Coverage out of stateAvailable
Commercial Pets CoverageNot available

Waiting Period

Cats and dogs six weeks of age can be enrolled for a policy. Fetch does not set a maximum age limit for pets so you can also get a senior pet covered. The waiting period for illnesses is set to 15 days.


Recommended By The Dodo

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Cost of Coverage

Fetch uses 15 years’ worth of information to determine the accurate prices based on breed, age, and location. They also take pride in the fact that their coverage is more extensive compared to any other provider. Because they offer premium insurance for pets, this means that their plans will not be the cheapest in the market.

Fetch also has Healthy Pet Credit offered to policyholders which adds value to healthy pets. For every consecutive 12-month period where a Fetch-insured pet does not have a paid claim, they can receive up to 15% off on premium upon renewal. If you’ve gone for two years without a paid claim, the savings can go up to 30%.

Sample Monthly Premium:

1-year-old, male Golden Retriever in Westminster, California – $19.66

1-year-old, male American Shorthair in Westminster, California – $19.66

• Annual Coverage Limit: $10,000

• Annual Deductible: $300

• Reimbursement Rate: 80%

Rescue adopters, shelter adopters, veterinarians, veterinary employees, Walmart shoppers, active military members, and veterans can get up to a 10% discount.

Policy Benefit Limits

The maximum annual payout for a Fetch policy starts at $5,000 and can go unlimited. If you are familiar with the types of conditions that your pet’s breed is susceptible to and how much the treatment costs in your area, this can be put to your advantage.

Deductible and Claim Reimbursement

Similar to other top pet insurance providers, Fetch’s policy will pay a set percentage of the vet bill after you meet the required deductible. You can choose from three reimbursement models – 70%, 80%, or 90%

Fetch has a more flexible deductible schedule in comparison to other pet insurance companies. Policyholders can choose a $250, $300, or $500 deductible. A higher deductible would give you a lower monthly premium. Fetch uses an annual deductible model which is advantageous for many since they only need to meet one deductible.


Recommended By The Dodo

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What Do People Say About Fetch Pet Insurance?

author image

Amazing services! My cousin had always been asking me to change my Pet insurance company due to their late payments and not covering certain health conditions. Finally after I shifted to Fetch, I feel that I should have changed a long time ago. Mars, my 5 year old golden retriever has never had any health issues but he got sick once and I had to take him for check-up and treatments, and Fetch took care of all the expenses. Thank you!

Tiana Miller – Fetch
author image

A very humble and great pet insurance company! I had the most polite experience with their customer representative who helped me understand their plans and pet insurance policies. I took up their policy for my 2 kittens and have been with Fetch since the past 1 year now. Never had any complaints! Also I am thankful to them for covering my first claim last month for one of my kittens and paying the entire expense for its fractured fore leg. Thank you!!

Warren Sanders – Fetch
Tacoma, Washington
author image

Fetch has some really fascinating features that attracted me more than the other pet insurance companies. For instance, I could easily find a good vet for my Chihuahua without having to worry whether they are approved or not by the pet insurance company. So when my pup started showing respiratory issues I immediately contacted Fetch and also my vet for an emergency. With the right medicines, my little chunks is much better now and the infection is almost gone. Thank you so much Fetch for the insight and guidance.

Glenn Kibbs – Fetch
Dallas, Texas

Filing Claims and Customer Service

Fetch is among the few pet insurance providers that include a specific timeframe for claims payouts in the terms and conditions. They mentioned a 30-day timeframe but you can actually receive the reimbursement 7 days after filing a claim. This is true especially if you submit your claim online or through the Fetch app.

You will need two documents when submitting a claim.

1. Finalized invoice from the vet – this should show the treatments and services that your pet received, how much the treatment costs, and that the bill was paid in full.

2. Detailed medical records from recent checkups – the medical records should show the pet’s history and what conditions they can cover so they can process the claim faster.

You also need to remember to file a claim within 90 days of getting the treatment. If you fail to submit a claim before the 90 days is over, your vet expense will not be covered. This is easy to do since Fetch has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. You can also go to the online portal and instantly file a claim without drowning in paperwork.

If your pet needs to see a vet but you cannot leave home immediately, you can take advantage of the Telehealth service. This is a channel for phone consultations in cases of emergencies.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for complete pet insurance services and good health advice for your fur friends, Fetch is the pet insurance service to choose. It is the one and only pet insurance company recommended by #1 animal brand, The Dodo. The company is highly trusted by the best no-kill animal shelters in Canada and United States. They offer exclusive pet insurance services to AARP members.