Metlife Review

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Metlife Review

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Pet Insurance Reviews Editor


  • No max. age limit
  • Offers accident coverage within 24 hours
  • Claims paid mostly within 10 days


  • Not much information available on website
  • Policies vary based on underwriter
  • Time consuming claims process

What Do People Say About Metlife?

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Following an injury to my dog’s leg, I promptly took him to a veterinary clinic where he was diagnosed with a severe sprain in his right front leg. Subsequently, I submitted a comprehensive claim with the insurance provider, including all relevant documentation. I was so glad that my claim was accepted and all the treatment bills were paid.

Christin. J – MetLife
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Upon realizing the significance of pet insurance, we opted to obtain coverage for our dog when he fell ill with gastrointestinal issues, which entailed significant expenses without a definitive diagnosis. When the veterinarian proposed costly diagnostic tests and treatment, we were able to proceed with the necessary procedures without hesitation, thanks to our insurance coverage, which provided us with immense relief.

MetLife Pet Insurance has been a supportive and responsive resource throughout our journey, offering prompt and helpful responses to our questions and claims. We wholeheartedly recommend considering MetLife Pet Insurance for anyone looking to secure the wellbeing of their pets.

Danish H – MetLife