Animalia Pet Insurance Review

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Animalia Pet Insurance Review


Monica Woodfin

Pet Insurance Reviews Editor


  • Customized deductibles, limits, and reimbursement to fit any budget
  • Comprehensive coverage for accidents, illnesses, dental care, behavioral therapy, and alternative treatments
  • More than 95% of claims are reimbursed within a week
  • 5-day waiting period to activate the insurance policy
  • In-depth knowledge center to promote education


  • Offered in selected locations only

What Do People Say About Animalia?

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A good pet insurance service provider! They offer good pet insurance services and policies to their subscribers and make sure that their pets get every medical help if and when necessary. They are saviors for users who have pets going through medical treatments. The 90 second claim policy is the highlight service offered by them. Never disappointed with their services. Thank you!

Archie Greggs – Embrace
Rhode Island
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Animalia offers decently affordable pet insurance policies that make it a good choice compared to other providers. I was worried about choosing Animalia especially due to the few negative user reviews I read on some sites, but once I spoke to their customer services and checked with them about the coverage, I knew I was making the right choice for my pup. They covered everything and I was happy for my pet Beer! Their 90 second claim policy is really worth it!

Dana Lopard – Animalia
Saint Paul, MN
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My lil terrier has been the life of our family ever since my daughter adopted him. And soon after, we started searching for the best pet insurance services for him. I choose Animalia after my friends who own 3 pets suggested Animalia for Teddy! What I really liked about Animalia is the fact that they cover everything and saves you from all pet health related stress and worries.

Darryl Peterson – Animalia