Embrace Review


Embrace Review

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Pet Insurance Reviews Editor


  • Free review of medical history
  • Covers most types of vet care
  • Offers accident-only coverage
  • Vanishing deductible option


  • No option to set zero or unlimited deductible
  • Wellness benefits are limited
  • Hidden charges

About  Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance plans cover exam fees, specialist care, and almost every kind of pet care whether included in the plan or as an additional item. They also review pets’ medical history for free and notify pet owners if they find pre-existing conditions that are not covered by their plans. Pet owners can also cancel their plan within 30 days if they don’t like the service. Pet owners who are members of the military or enroll multiple pets are also eligible for discounts.

For those who are looking for a more affordable plan with a basic level of coverage, Embrace offers an accident-only plan that can help cover expenses if the pet is hit by a vehicle or if it ingests something dangerous. The vanishing deductible option means that Embrace deducts $50 from the annual deductible for every year that you don’t file an accident or illness claims.


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Plans and Pricing


Embrace offers different levels of coverage for their accident and illness plans so that different pet owners with different requirements can find what they need. The core plan follows a reimbursement scheme for treatments that are not caused by a pre-existing condition. Embrace also allows decent levels of customization by providing three different reimbursement amounts, five deductible levels, and five coverage limits. They also have an accident-only plan but the annual deductible is set to $100, coverage limit at $5,000, and reimbursement at 90%.
Pet owners can supplement the accident and illness plan with the wellness rewards program. This add-on is a non-insurance option that will cover microchipping and vaccines. The wellness rewards program can reimburse a maximum of $650 for wellness treatments yearly.

The table shows the complete list of treatments and items covered by the core accident and illness plan and the wellness rewards program.

TreatmentAccident and Illness PlanWellness Rewards
Exam fees
Lab tests
Continued treatment
Dental treatment
Genetic conditions
Medical boarding
Preventive care
Behavioral treatment
Spay/neuter surgery
Alternative/holistic care


Embrace offers reasonable prices for their accident and illness plans. The basic coverage policy starts as low as $7 and $14 a month for cats and dogs respectively. The wellness program, meanwhile, isn’t as affordable as the core plan. The price of this add-on can increase the monthly premium by three times with limited added benefits.

Pet owners should also take note of some charges that are not completely obvious at the start. The $25 one-time enrollment fee is present when a pet is signed up. This is something that other providers do not charge. There’s also a $1 charge per month the annual cost of the policy is not paid in advance.

Waiting Period

Just like other insurance providers, the coverage of a pet’s insurance policy does not begin as soon as you sign the contract. Embrace sets a shorter waiting period compared to the average. Accident coverage kicks in two days after activating the policy. For illness coverage, there is a 14-day waiting period before benefits can be claimed which is still consistent with the industry average. Some orthopedic conditions may have six months waiting period.

Exclusions and Coverage Limits


Embrace does not cover pre-existing conditions. But they do offer a free review of the pet’s medical history for anyone who signs up for a policy. They will review the past year’s medical records and notify pet owners if anything they classify something as a pre-existing condition. Pet owners who receive this notice and do not want to continue their plan can cancel for free within 30 days of starting the policy.

Coverage Limits

Embrace does not offer unlimited benefits in any of its policies. However, there are higher limit options that can cover pets who are constantly involved in accidents. Their annual reimbursement limit goes up to $30,000 but this can also significantly increase monthly premiums.

Claims and Customer Service

Embrace creates a customized form for each pet in their attempt to streamline their claims process. These forms are accessible through the embrace website or with the Embrace Pet Insurance mobile app. It takes 10 to 15 business days on average to process a claim and send the reimbursement via paper check or direct deposit.

Embrace lacks in the customer support department with limited options for customers to reach out. Other providers offer live chat options while Embrace only has email and phone channels. However, they do have a health line open 24/7 for pet owners who need help with behavioral issues, medical emergencies, and others. This service is available through video conferencing, web chat, and phone calls.


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Comparison: Embrace vs AKC Pet Insurance

· 80% coverage

· $10,000 annual limit

· $500 deductible

ItemEmbraceAKC Pet Insurance
Animals CoveredCats and DogsCats and Dogs
Type of CoverageAccident and illnessAccident and illness
Waiting PeriodInjuries -2 days
Illnesses -14 days
Injuries -2 days
Illnesses -14 days
Sample ComputationFor a 2 Year-old-dog – $28.87
· 80% coverage
· $10,000 annual limit

· $500 deductible

For a 2 Year-old-dog – $22.84
· 80% coverage
· $10,000 annual limit

· $500 deductible