Eusoh Review


Eusoh Review

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Pet Insurance Reviews Editor


  • Covers more variety of treatments than regular pet insurances
  • Offers transparent cost structure
  • Large referral bonus
  • No age limit for enrollment
  • All Veterinarians


  • Not customizable
  • Year-long commitment
  • 30 day waiting period
  • No coverage on pre-existing health conditions
  • Differential monthly cost (capped)

About Eusoh Pet Insurance

Eusoh is different from traditional pet insurance known for lacking transparency in its processes and being unable to cover everything clients need. Eusoh is a better alternative because it is community-based insurance where pet owners can fund each other’s veterinary costs. How does the company do this?

With Eusoh, pet parents pay only for their community’s actual cost of care instead of following a set premium. This type of system raises the bar for pet insurance transparency. But more than being transparent, we look into whether Eusoh truly provides value for its clients. This article details the pet insurance company’s plans, coverage, costs, and how these measures compared to its competitors. We’ll first discuss what benefits Eusoh, as an alternative, provides.

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Pros and Cons


As an alternative to traditional pet insurance, Eusoh offers its clients a number of perks. Firstly, compared to standard pet insurance, Eusoh covers more types of treatment. The company groups share costs for treatments such as preventive care for no extra cost. You won’t be able to get this with a traditional policy.

Secondly, the company’s pricing structure is known for its transparency. Eusoh makes its profit from monthly membership fees; this is the $17 that clients pay for. The rest of the funds all directly go into your pet’s veterinary needs.

Thirdly, pet owners will enjoy Eusoh’s generous referral bonus because they will get $40 for every client they refer.

Fourthly, unlike traditional pet insurance that doesn’t cover older pets, Eusoh does not have an enrollment age limit. You don’t have to worry about a minimum or maximum age limit when you sign up your pet for insurance.

Lastly, the company accepts bills from all licensed veterinarians within the United States.


While customers enjoy the many benefits Eusoh offers, the company does have its drawbacks. Firstly, what you’ll be paying varies per month although that won’t exceed the monthly cap. After an initial deposit of $48, you’ll need to pay the monthly subscription fee of $17. You will need to refill the $48 deposit every month but the total cost will not exceed the monthly cap of $65. As it is, there’s no way to know exactly how much is your monthly bill.

Secondly, pre-existing conditions aren’t covered by Eusoh. There are already a lot of pet insurance companies that provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, Eusoh isn’t one of them.

Thirdly, the company has a longer waiting period compared to other providers. Most standard pet policies give a waiting period of 2-15 days for reimbursements. However, Eusoh’s policy prohibits you from submitting expenses for reimbursement if you haven’t yet been a member for a full 30 days.

Fourthly, you need to stick with Eusoh for at least a year. Their 1-year commitment means that if you cancel the contract before 12 months, your deposit is forfeited.

Lastly, you don’t get to customize your plan. Eusoh currently does not provide adjustments in monthly payments by changing the deductible or reimbursement percentage. Given this, what does Eusoh’s insurance plan look like?

Plans and Pricing


Unlike traditional pet insurance which offers multiple plans with different policies, coverage, and terms, Eusoh provides all members a standardized plan. Eusoh members pay an annual deductible of $250, after which 80% of costs are reimbursed. The membership covers most expenses resulting from accidents, illnesses, and even preventive care. However, there are a few exceptions such as fees for spay or neuter surgery, dental, and behavioral treatment.

After your pet is signed up with Eusoh, you can decide to apply and join a cost-sharing community. With this, you will belong in a group or community containing at least 10 members. Before deciding which community to apply for, you can see each community’s average expenditure from the past half-year.

Once you’ve been approved into a community and have completed the 30-day waiting period, you’re now allowed to make claims for any of the covered expenses. At the end of each month, your entire community’s reimbursed expenses are added up and distributed equally among the members.

After looking at what Eusoh can offer you and your pet with their plan, we need to look into how much you’ll need to pay for.


Although the company’s pricing structure can be complex, it’s designed to provide pet owners with a greater amount of transparency. Eusoh charges its members a flat $17 every month per pet and this is the company’s only source of profit.

To cover the costs of treatments, members pay an additional $48 deposit which they refill at the end of every month. In order to know how much you need to top up, Eusoh takes your community’s total cost for veterinary care during that period and divides it by the community’s number of members. With this scheme, the community shares the cost of care. Each member pays the same amount no matter how much they submitted in bills for that period.

Now if the community’s veterinary costs go beyond $48 per member within a given month, the members do not have to pay a cent more than $48. When you add the $17 monthly fee, the maximum you’ll be paying per month is $65. According to the company, the monthly charges for cats average at $29 and $41 for dogs.

Waiting Period

All members accepted into the Eusoh community will have to undergo a waiting period of 30 days. This means that within 30 days or one full billing cycle, a member will not be able to submit any claims for reimbursement. This policy is put in place to prevent people from signing up for insurance shortly before a major veterinary expense and then dropping the coverage once reimbursement has been made.

Eusoh’s 30 day waiting period is longer compared to other pet insurance companies which typically offer a waiting period of 2-15 days.

Exclusions and Coverage Limits


Traditional insurance policies often don’t provide coverage for a pet’s pre-existing conditions. Some pets may even be denied insurance if they have a pre-existing condition. This is why pet parents go for insurance alternatives to help cover the financial burden of caring for their pets.

Although you can still sign up your pets with Eusoh even if they have pre-existing conditions, their policy does not cover these pre-existing conditions. Treatment costs for any health condition that your pet develops before signing them up with Eusoh won’t be covered. It is up to the community members to decide if you can join their community or not and some groups may reject you if your pet has multiple pre-existing conditions. If you’re unable to find a group that will accept you, Eusoh will refund your initial deposit.

Eusoh’s edge is the range of treatments it reimburses. Most costs related to accidents and illnesses are already covered. But on top of this, veterinary bills for annual checkups and wellness care are also covered. Other pet insurance would list these expenses as exclusions and some offer coverage for preventive care for an additional cost.

Given this, there are a few exceptions to Eusoh’s coverage. Preventives for flea, tick, and heartworm; spay or neuter procedures; and dental cleanings are listed as exclusions. For these treatments, you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Declawing and grooming, which are elective procedures, are also not covered.

Coverage Limits

All pets insured with Eusoh have a reimbursement limit of $8,500 per year. Compared to what traditional pet insurance offers, Eusoh’s coverage limit is on the lower end. Insurance providers on average let their clients choose limits from $5,000 to $20,000, with some companies even offering unlimited coverage for a higher price.

Claims and Customer Service

The procedure for submitting a claim with Eusoh is almost exactly the same as getting reimbursement from a pet insurance provider. If your pet needs to go to the vet, you’ll need to pay for the costs upfront. Then you’ll have to get a copy or picture of the veterinary bill and upload it to Eusoh. One of their administrators will review the claim and calculate the reimbursable amount. At the end of every billing cycle, you’ll be able to withdraw the funds Eusoh owes you via direct deposit.

Eusoh’s customer service is on a variety of platforms. The most convenient way to get in touch with them is via web chat which can be accessed through the company’s website. You can also speak to a representative over the phone or by email. You can call via phone from Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

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What Do People Say About Eusoh?

author image

Thank you Eusoh for being the best pet insurance company, one can ask for. I purchased their pet insurance services for both my pets, a bull dog and my furry cat. They are both healthy and full of life. However, my cat recently suffered from stomach indigestion and I had to visit my vet for an emergency check-up. With the help of my Eusoh pet insurance, the expenses were easily taken care of. I highly recommend their services to all those who love their pets.

Cecile Devon – Eusoh
author image

Absolutely amazed with their services! Eusoh treats you and your claims with great patience and love. The claims processing time is minimal, and so are their other services. They really take the wellness of your pet seriously and make sure that you have complete mental peace. I am really thankful for their services.

Dwayne Britt – Eusoh


We see the value in providing our pets with preventive care. But the wellness options that most pet insurance companies provide can come at a hefty cost. Eusoh is one of the best alternatives and solutions to this. On top of this, you can also rely on them for accident and illness coverage. What you have to keep in mind though when you sign up with Eusoh is that fees vary each month which means you need to budget for the full $65 maximum cost.