Pet Insurance Reviews

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Pet Insurance Reviews

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Pumpkin is a fresh new player in the pet insurance industry. The company was launched in 2019 but it’s taking huge steps to mark its place in the industry. Most pet insurance providers follow similar guidelines and offer customers the same standard plans. Pumpkin, however, takes one step ahead of its competitors by giving focus on preventative care and health insurance Read More

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Fetch offers comprehensive insurance and health guidance for cats and dogs. It is the only pet insurance provider recommended by The Dodo, the top animal brand in the world. The provider is trusted by no-kill shelters across the United States and Canada and is also the chosen provider by AARP members. Read More


Embrace Pet Insurance plans cover exam fees, specialist care, and almost every kind of pet care whether included in the plan or as an additional item. They also review pets’ medical history for free and notify pet owners if they find pre-existing conditions that are not covered by their plans. Pet owners can also cancel their plan within 30 days if they don’t like the service. Pet owners who are members of the military or enroll multiple pets are also eligible for discounts. Read More


Lemonade is a newcomer in the insurance industry scene. Since launching in 2015, they have made waves with their AI-powered renter’s and home insurance policies. However, recently, the company has ventured into pet insurance through Lemonade Pet Insurance. They offer tech-driven policies through their notable mobile application. Pet owners can now avail themselves of extensive coverage, low prices, and super-fast processing for claims Read More