Spot Pet Insurance Coverage Review


Spot Pet Insurance Coverage Review

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Pet Insurance Reviews Editor


  • Multiple pet discounts
  • No maximum age limit for pets
  • Flexible plan offers


  • Coverage is offered for cats and dogs only
  • Preventive care coverage is extra
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What Do People Say About Spot?

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Spot insurance was one of my favorites. I told every single vet what a fantastic location it was. My dog started limping after I acquired insurance in July, so I took her to the vet in August and was informed she was growing too quickly and that was why she was limping. She began limping again three or four months later, and doctors discovered she had torn ligaments in both knees. They took every vet cost for her knee as part of her deductible, but once her deductible was fulfilled, they concluded it was a preexisting condition that began 3 days before her waiting period ended. Isn’t it convenient? I have proof that her limping did not begin on July 5th. I couldn’t even talk since I was in the hospital having emergency surgery. The ability to access hospital records is quite simple to prove.

Barbara – SPOT
Savannah, Georgia
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Hands down amazing experience. Paid out on both my claims, were great to deal with and unfortunately my dog didn’t make it and had to be put down, they backdated my cancellation date to the date he passed (w/out me even asking) and send a sympathy card. Highly, Highly recommend Spot insurance. I will come back when I get another dog. Thanks for the great service.

Stephanie – SPOT
Chicago, Illinois