Wagmo Review


Wagmo Review

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Pet Insurance Reviews Editor


  • Insurance and wellness plans are available to purchase separately
  • No need to pay firsthand for wellness plans
  • Wagmo reimburse you in full
  • One-day refunds are available for covered expenses
  • Online reimbursement applications and requests are available for convenience
  • All health services and needs are available
  • Get the wellness plan with no waiting period
  • Wellness plans are available all throughout the country


  • Fees are applied for a full year
  • Charged cancellation fees after the 24-hour time limit
  • Insurance plan has less coverage
  • Wagmo’s pet insurance plan may not be available in your state

About  Wagmo

Having a companion animal around is incredibly beneficial for a pet owner but requires a big check. Because it is financially demanding, make sure to keep your emotions controlled and prevent yourself from making impulsive decisions when getting a fur buddy. The big investment includes regular checkups from the vet, vitamins and supplements, vaccines, and toys to keep them busy when you’re out.

Such needs can empty your pocket that is why pet insurance is a great help when taking care of pets. Wagmo started by offering comprehensive pet wellness plans instead of pet insurance but later on until present, the company offers three wellness plans namely Value, Classic, and Deluxe plans, and exclusive pet insurance for accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

Learn more about Wagmo and its available insurance plans with this review. This includes:

  • Available healthcare plans for your pet
  • Is Wagmo Worth It?
  • Know If You’re Qualified For Their Services
  • How to Apply?
  • Some Alternatives to Wagmo

Available healthcare plans for your pet

There are three wellness plans and a single insurance plan that you can get for your pet. Each plan has a different benefit included that’s why we should know the specific. Let’s differentiate each one of them so you can know what is best for your pet.

Pet Insurance Plan

Although Wagmo’s insurance plan isn’t the most customized compared to other offers in the market, there is a fair explanation from Wagmo for this. They have discovered that pet owners don’t need every coverage for their pets thus they only included what is really required. As a result, a maximum coverage limit that would reduce the price of premiums while also covering the majority of bills was set. Their insurance plan is exclusively available for pet dogs and cats.

The following are key details for a Wagmo pet insurance policy.


It is essential to consider the terms of coverage and understand the policy of the insurance. The policy cost, what does your plan cover, and how much is your reimbursement or the money you’ll be paid for are important to know to avoid confusion. Terms are as follows:

• Monthly Charge: Plans are available for as low as $13 per month, however, prices still vary depending on a number of criteria and factors.
• Deductible: You may opt for a $500, $750, or $1,000 deductible plan.
• Reimbursement: Get 100% compensated money.
• Topped Benefits: The insurance reimbursement is capped at $100,000 valid over the pet’s lifetime.

Inclusions in the Pet Insurance Plan

Evaluate once again your chosen plan and on what is provided after understanding the terms of the policy. You can take advantage of the insurance plan by identifying what is the coverage which can be compensated by Wagmo in return. Know what services are insured and what are not below.

Insurance CoveredNot Covered
Prescribed Medications

*only the first 50% of prescription medications are covered

Hospitalizations / Hospital staysSpaying/neutering
Emergency vet visitsPrescription food
Laboratory testsDental surgeries
CT scansObedience training class
Hereditary and congenital conditionsBiohazard fees
SurgeriesBreeding, pregnancy, or birth expenses
Cancer treatments/therapiesCosmetic surgeries (declawing, tail docking, ear cropping)
Pet ambulancePreventative care
Prosthetics and orthopedicsPre-existing conditions
Hip dysplasia

*for pets under 6 years old only

Euthanasia (End of life care)

Waiting Period and Insurance Availability

A 15-day waiting period for daily accidents and illnesses will be available once you’ve been approved for coverage. Most pet insurance companies are required to have a waiting period as it helps them to make sure that you are registering for insurance in all fairness, in which the registered pet is not subjected to existing injury or sickness. This is to prevent making fraudulent claims. In addition to this, the insurance company would financially support and continue their responsibility of protecting you. Meanwhile, a different waiting period is imposed for cancer treatments wherein it requires 30 days.

While it is not specifically stated the places Wagmo is presently available, however, the company is gradually expanding to different locations. Check out their application if you’re qualified for their insurance plan and for updates on this.

Pet Wellness Plans

You can choose from three different plans that have all of the essentials for pet care. This includes grooming, veterinary visits, and more health-related services. Coverage of your pet’s routine care differs on every plan. Wagmo Pet Wellness is available across 5 states and reimburses you with a limited amount of your selected plan.

Value plan

The value plan is the cheapest but might not be the ideal option if you have a high-needs pet. However, if your pet is in good health and only requires a yearly check-up and a few immunizations, this is the preferred plan for you.

Routine exams, bloodwork, and fecal tests are available in the Value plan once a year while vaccinations are available twice per year. Compared to the other wellness plans, the following are not included:

• Urinalysis
• Pests medications (flea, tick, or heartworm medicine)
• Grooming (nail trims, gland expressions); and
• Dental care

Annual reimbursements under the plan are capped at $350.

Classic plan

Wagmo’s Classic plan is the most popular one. Essentials are covered in a budgeted amount with extra care treatments. What’s more to the treatments covered in the Value plan is an additional annual vaccine, flea, tick, or heartworm medicine for $100, and another $100 for grooming.

A maximum of $650 in reimbursements are covered each year for this plan.

Deluxe plan

With this top-tier package, the Deluxe plan provides all of the services covered under Value and Classic plans plus an additional vaccine per year, $200 towards pests medicines and grooming (separately), and dental care for $100. In consideration of the coverage, it is perfect for pets that will be needing checkups and grooming frequently.

You can get reimbursed for up to $1,100 per year.

See the quick summary of what is covered in each plan.

Value plan


Classic plan


Deluxe plan


Routine wellness exams (per year)112
Vaccine (per year)234
Routine bloodwork (per year)111
Fecal test (per year)111
Urinalysis (per year)11
Flea / Tick / Heartworm$100$200
Dental care$100

Know If You’re Qualified For Their Services

Dogs and cats are only eligible to receive Wagmo’s services. At any age and breed with no requirement for a vet check or a health exam, your pet may apply. However, insurance plan is not available for all states. Check out the availability on their website and application. On a good note, wellness plans are accessible across all 50 states.

How to Apply?

As easy as filling out the application on Wagmo’s website, you may apply for coverage. While applying, you will encounter a few questions about your pet such as their birthday, breed, and location. You may select your plan or let Wagmo recommend a plan. Once you have finalized your decision on the plans, proceed to checkout and then have their service cover you.

More Options and Alternatives to Wagmo

While Wagmo’s offers are exceptional, surely, it will not hurt to shop around. Know and consider other options available for your pet’s wellbeing. See some of the alternative companies below:

Embrace Pet Insurance

Treatable and non-treatable pre-existing conditions differ in their insurance plan. You may contact their company with their 24-hour support line. If you don’t receive a claim payout for a year, your deductible will be reduced by $50.

Spot Pet Insurance

If there are no approved or paid requests, refunds are guaranteed for 30 days with their customizable insurance packages. Plus, Cesan Milan is the Chairman of the company.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Maximum rewards and payouts are not applicable on annual and lifetime plans. Fast-paced processing of claims wherein it can be handled and fixed in two days’ time. Any vet is covered on their insurance.


Wagmo offers pet insurance plans and wellness plans that can be purchased separately. There are three wellness plans that you can choose for your pet dog or cat that vary on the services included and the reimbursement amount per year. Wellness plans do not have a waiting period but insurance plans require 15 days after subscribing for accidents and illnesses. Cancer treatments have a requirement of 30 days, on the other hand.

You can visit any licensed vet, groomers, and dentists with Wagmo services. Any brand medications are also not limited but take note of your selected plan’s reimbursement as you will not be refunded on this if exceeded. Insurance plans are not yet available for all states but wellness plans are offered in all. You can check updates and availability of the insurance plans on their website.